Sales forecasting recipe

Predict monthly, quarterly, and yearly revenue using your own custom forecast categories. Made with data scooped out of your CRM (no matter which one you use).
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Loved by business users
Scoop was able to track and visualize our sales process so we could see stage level performance differences by salesperson, product line, and more over time. This was accomplished by a single analyst, embedded in the Sales department, without roadmap interruption or months of attention from a data engineer.
Tim Young
VP Information Systems | Net Health

Free sales forecast recipe using a visual canvas and spreadsheets

Improve the accuracy of your sales forecast by scooping forecast data directly out of your CRM. Tell a visual forecast story using pre-made charts and graphs, embedded Sheetlets, and dynamic design elements to form your narrative.

  • Instantly generate this canvas with data from any CRM or system where you store your sales data (like Google Sheets or Jira)
  • Create an aggregated and individualized view by sales rep
  • Test what-if scenarios by inputting data into Sheetlets that interact with your charts and graphs to visualize changes
  • Identify historical forecast patterns for each rep over time to improve overall accuracy
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Here's what you'll need

All it takes to activate this recipe is a CRM report with the following fields:

  • Opportunity Name
  • Amount
  • Stage
  • Close Date
  • Opportunity ID
  • Create Date
  • Deal Type
  • Deal Owner
  • Forecast Category
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