is the best thing to happen to data since the spreadsheet

Scoop unlocks your business data, letting operations leaders in sales, marketing, finance, and customer service combine and analyze any data source, creating beautiful data stories that drive decisions.
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Scoop all your business application data into a single platform
Scoop the data from any operational report directly into the Scoop database
Blend data between sources using spreadsheets
Use spreadsheets to blend data
Data augmentation through spreadsheets
All in one platform

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The shortest path from data to action

Forget all the tools and resources it takes to get answers out of your data. Scoop takes you from data collection to spreadsheet analysis to visual data stories. All in a single platform.
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Whether you don't have a data team — or don't want to rely on one —
puts you in control of your data

The data you need to make “right now” decisions

Automatically collect data from your business applications to combine and blend together. Any application can push data into Scoop – no limited pre-built connectors or custom APIs.

Centralized datasets using spreadsheet logic for seamless data preparation

Create master datasets to fuel analytics, visualizations, and more using your existing spreadsheets. Scoop automatically keeps your data up-to-date.

Stunning, Live Data Presentations

Upgrade from outdated, manual slide presentations to beautiful, live data presentations with Scoop. Automatically update your slides, share them live, and drill into data on the fly, moving beyond static screenshots to create truly interactive data stories.

Turn disconnected data into decision-making power

blend and transform in spreadsheets
blend and transform in spreadsheets
blend and transform in spreadsheets
blend and transform in spreadsheets

A workflow that actually works

Disjointed workflows slow down decisions. Go from scooping up application data - to prepping datasets in spreadsheets - to analyzing and sharing visual data stories. No technical setup or data team needed.

Advanced Analysis & Exploration

Dive deep into your data with Scoop's advanced tools. Effortlessly uncover hidden patterns and gain valuable insights, allowing you to optimize operations, identify opportunities, and drive business growth.

Optimized Recipes for Fast Analysis

Instantly turn your business data into actionable insights and stunning visualizations with our ready-made recipes, driving better decisions, enhancing productivity, and saving you time to actually analyze the data.

Spreadsheets for Non-Technical Users

Access and analyze your data directly, without relying on a data warehouse, putting the power of data at your fingertips and freeing your team to focus on strategic initiatives.