Never make a decision without data again

Finding critical answers shouldn't be complicated. That's why we built the only data platform made entirely for business users.
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Your complete data workflow, built in.

Go from exploring to visualizing to asking new follow-up questions, all using centralized spreadsheet datasets. Scoop keeps your data refreshed when it changes, so you can say goodbye to throwaway work.

Central source of truth

Scoop data from anywhere

Your application reports are your data source, so you'll always have the exact fields you need. Scoop your reports out of any application without restrictions. Really.

Full flexibility

Blend & manipulate in spreadsheets

Use a full-featured spreadsheet to combine and maneuver your data. Join together source reports and perform custom calculations to create unified datasets that refresh automatically.

Complete data workflow

Tell compelling data stories

Use a full-featured spreadsheet to combine and maneuver your data. Join together source reports and perform custom calculations to create unified datasets that refresh automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need a data team to set up Scoop for me?

Nope. Unlike other data platforms, there is zero technical setup. Every feature in Scoop is designed for users who don’t have a technical background so you’ll never run into things you can’t do.

Does my company need to have a data warehouse?

Scoop does not require you to have a data warehouse. Data warehouses are a tool used by IT to store raw data. Scoop, by contrast, operates on consumer-readable reports. Scoop “understands” your reports and creates its own behind-the-scenes columnar data store where data inferred from your reports is stored securely. However, that data store is entirely managed by Scoop and does not require maintenance or interaction by your IT department.

Can I import my own spreadsheets into Scoop?

Absolutely. You can upload any spreadsheet and join it together with other data you’ve brought into Scoop.

Do I need to have SQL and database skills to use Scoop?

Never. Unlike other analytics tools, Scoop is designed entirely for business users without a technical skill set. All it takes to use Scoop are some basic spreadsheet skills.

How does my data get “scooped” into the platform?

Scoop’s revolutionary data scoop process is the first of its kind. Unlike traditional data platforms, you will not need data extraction, transformation, or loading tools (ETL) to move your data into Scoop. Instead, Scoop fetches your data directly using the operational reports you are already familiar with, pulling them directly from your applications like Salesforce or NetSuite, snapshotting them, and stacking them over time to create a time series dataset that is ready for analysis and presentation without any additional technical overhead​​ .

What if I already have analytics / BI tools?

No need to replace them (unless you want to). Chances are, you’re unable to carry out all the day-to-day tasks that you need in your existing analytics / BI tools. You probably find yourself frequently exporting data into spreadsheets, just to be able to work with it. Scoop lets you do all your spreadsheet exploration within our platform using data that stays up-to-date. No more rebuilding the same spreadsheets over and over or wondering if the data they show is correct.

What if I want to delete all my data from Scoop?

No problem. Just reach out to our support team and we’ll immediately wipe out 

What if I already have a data warehouse?

That's great! If you already have a data warehouse, Scoop has a connector to grab data straight from there. Scoop can also blend data from different systems with your data from the data warehouse. We're always happy to hop on a call and determine the best ways to get the data for your use case.