Turning data into immediate action

Traditional data platforms aren’t cut out for rapid decision-making. They take hefty infrastructure, technical talent, and rigorous process just to squeeze out a single insight.

Scoop is the only data platform that lets you immediately combine and explore data from absolutely anywhere, so you can take action without delay.
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Data-driven decision making is broken

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Before launching Scoop, founders Brad Peters and Gabriel Jakobson spent decades building some of the world's most widely used data platforms. Yet, no matter how much they innovated, they realized that there was a limit to what people could achieve with their products.

That’s because data platforms today are built mainly for technical users. They rely on complex infrastructure and slow, drawn-out processes to get data ready for the business.

The average business has pockets of data scattered across dozens of tools and applications. Combining it all for analysis can be a daunting task — one that requires engineers, data analysts, and a full stack of tools to transport, store, and prep data.

But today’s business landscape moves at breakneck speed. Decisions, large and small, need to happen by the minute and people don’t have the time or resources to invest in traditional data platforms.

Typically, this is where spreadsheets come in. They’re straightforward, accessible, and great for quick and dirty analysis. Still, even spreadsheets have hard limitations. Anything you do in a spreadsheet is throwaway work; it cannot be scaled or repurposed.

With data platforms being too complex and spreadsheets being too inefficient, it’s no wonder why businesses struggle to put data behind their day-to-day decisions.

is an
unprecedented solution

We built Scoop to be the first data platform of its kind. Designed entirely for business users, Scoop lets you immediately work with any data in your business using only the spreadsheet skills you already have.

We believe that everyone from the lines of business to the CEO should have the ability to solve problems as they arise with the most complete and up-to-date data available. So we did away with outdated data architecture and replaced it with a fundamentally different solution.

Scoop makes it possible to fetch data from any application in your business. No exceptions. You won't find any "approved" lists of pre-built connectors or custom APIs. Any data across your organization can come together to fuel faster decisions.

But collecting your data is only the beginning. You need to be able to ask meaningful questions like "What's the root cause of this problem?" and "What would happen if that scenario were true?" That's why we've baked your entire data workflow into Scoop, starting with the spreadsheet manipulation you already do.

In Scoop, the spreadsheet sits at the heart of your workflow, allowing you to build centralized datasets that fuel visualizations and dynamic data stories. Whether you need to uncover quick answers or deliver presentation-ready narratives, we’re making it possible to move at the speed of your business.

Made by the team that brought you Birst

Brad Peters

Known in the data analytics space as the founder of the popular platform, Birst, Brad served as CEO of Birst for over 12 years. He grew the business to become a Gartner Magic Quadrant category leader in Analytics and Business Intelligence Platform leader before making a successful exit in 2017. Brad has over two decades of experience launching and scaling technology companies, having previously served as Senior Director of Analytics at Oracle. He is widely regarded as a product visionary, bringing new concepts to market before they gain broad adoption by customers ranging from startups to the Fortune 100.

Gabriel Jakobson

Gabe is a three-time software company founder and respected engineering leader who has led and scaled successful technology organizations for the past 25 years. His experience in the data analytics space includes his role as the Director of Front-End Engineering at Birst, where he worked alongside the two other Scoop founders. Gabe has architected and developed a multitude of enterprise-grade solutions used by Fortune 100 companies and is an avid inventor, holding 14 technology patents that are licensed to large corporations.

 Janet Gehrmann

Janet is a seasoned revenue and operations professional with over a decade of experience. She quickly ascended to a top-performing Sales Director role at Birst before obtaining her MBA from Yale School of Management. Janet has led software diligences for PE firms buying software companies, and served on a product strategy team for JP Morgan Chase.