Cohort analysis recipe

Reduce customer churn and make better product decisions to drive new revenue and upsell. Made with data scooped out of your CRM and software product (no matter what they are).
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Scoop allows me to focus more on the key marketing metrics I need - cohort analysis, lead trends and lifecycles - and less time on getting the data out of systems.
Todd Young
CMO | LegalRev

Free cohort analysis recipe using a visual canvas and spreadsheets

Reveal behavioral patterns among your customer base to prevent revenue loss before it happens. Tell visual customer behavior stories using pre-made cohort charts, embedded Sheetlets, and narrative design elements to form your narrative.

  • Instantly generate this canvas with data from any CRM and software product – no APIs required
  • Identify churn patterns to get to the bottom of why the churn happened and take steps to prevent it from spreading
  • Understand your customers on a deeper level to improve segmentation and create better targeted marketing campaigns
  • Optimize customer lifetime value and optimize user experience by uncovering usage trends and patterns
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Here's what you'll need

All it takes to activate this recipe is a CRM report with the following fields:

  • Opportunity Name
  • Amount
  • Stage
  • Close Date
  • Opportunity ID
  • Create Date
  • Deal Type
  • Deal Owner
  • Forecast Category
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