Fractional CXO recipe

Scale your work across multiple companies with the help of Scoop. Implement any of our out-of-the-box recipes or turbocharge a spreadsheet-based template you already have.
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Everyone from line-of-business leaders to CEOs should be able to solve problems with the most complete and current data available, but that hasn’t been possible until now
Scott Whitaker
Head of Finance | Codesmith

Scoop works with fractional executives to either enhance offerings to your clients. You can rollout Scoop without ever needing to talk to IT, and set up your clients forongoing success. We can use our out of the box templates, or work with you to turn your bespoke spreadsheets into scalable data canvas's and presentations.

  • Marketing Analytics (weekly marketing report, cost per click, conversion analysis on pipeline)
  • Sales Analytics (weekly sales report, sales stage change analysis, and more)
  • Financial Analysis (Churn and retention, MRR, ARR, runway)
  • Any bespoke analysis created in spreadsheets - we can Scoop up and automate
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Business is about speed - increase the speed to delivery for your own customers!

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