Built to answer your business questions today — not 6 months from now

Critical business decisions can't wait for your data to undergo weeks of preparation by a data team. Scoop is designed from the ground up to combine and analyze data from all your business tools in minutes. No data team needed. Ever.
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"Modern" data platforms make simple things difficult

Transform, Load
Data Warehouse
Presentation Layer

Business intelligence tools have evolved over the years to become more user-friendly and feature-rich. Some BI tools now have a spreadsheet-like interface, while others offer natural language querying. But, beneath the surface, they all suffer from the same glaring limitation: constraining your access to data.

The overly technical design of traditional BI tools makes accessing data slow and painful. There’s a layer to extract data out of your sources, a layer to transform and load the data, and a layer to store it.  Finally, the BI layer sits on top, ready to receive data after it's gone through weeks to months of technical preparation by a data team.

All of this means that when you’re faced with a new data question or rapidly changing data needs, the average BI tool can’t keep up. You’re left with nothing but a spreadsheet to try and figure it out on your own.

 is designed to be different

All your Reports
Scoops in the tables
Automatically creates a time series databases
Augment, blend & query using spreadsheets
Dashboards, charts and graphs. All in presentation ready format
Scoop Advanced 
Time Series Analysis Engine

Scoop is not built like the average BI tool. We took a hard look at old school data architecture and imagined a more powerful way to make data directly accessible.

In Scoop, there are no barriers standing between you and your data — no layers of platform architecture to set up,  no drawn out preparation process, no reliance on technical help. The data you need is ready to explore within minutes no matter where it lives.

We do this by leveraging the reports you build in your business applications as your data sources, ensuring that you always have the exact report parameters you need. Your data gets “scooped” into the platform, automatically stored, and is ready to combine and manipulate in the spreadsheet environment you already know.