Sales pipeline waterfall recipe

Stay on top of your team’s pipeline generation and progression. Made with data scooped out of your CRM (no matter which one you use).
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Scoop is a critical reporting layer on top of our CRM and other internal tools. Scoop provides me with automated sales reports on leads and deals, simplifying my board reporting, and I can easily create reports that are impossible within the CRM. Additionally, as we grow and our sales process changes Scoop makes it easy to adapt to those changes without significant IT help.
Peter Rice
President & COO | CCX

Free sales pipeline waterfall recipe using a visual canvas and spreadsheets

Detect critical pipeline changes early to prevent downstream revenue loss. Tell a visual pipeline story using pre-made waterfall graphs, embedded Sheetlets, and narrative design elements to form your narrative.

  • Instantly generate this canvas with data from any CRM
  • Create an aggregated and individualized view by sales rep
  • Continuously monitor pipeline generation and progression with always up-to-date data.
  • Identify pipe gen deficits and conversion gaps before they can impact revenue
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Here’s what you’ll need

All it takes to activate this recipe is a CRM report with the following fields:

  • Opportunity Name
  • Amount
  • Stage
  • Close Date
  • Opportunity ID
  • Create Date
  • Deal Type
  • Deal Owner
  • Forecast Category
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