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Understand how your portfolio companies are tracking on sales and finance targets - and compare how portfolio companies are doing, all in one centralized location
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Versatility is mind-blowing - it's a very unique take on an otherwise old and stale category
Mark Ruch
VP of Marketing Operations

Scoop works with both venture capitalist and private equity to custom create recipes to track every company in your portfolio. Doesn't matter which systems they use(or if they're still using spreadsheets), we can help track financial and operational KPI's, including

  • Revenue growth
  • Cash burn rate and runway
  • CAC & CLTV
  • Churn and retention
  • MRR & ARR
  • And more…

Custom created for you, with best practices from analytics experts who have done this for over 400 companies

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Scoop will co-create a template that can be scalable across your portfolio companies

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