Finance MRR waterfall recipe

Gain a holistic view of monthly recurring revenue and how it’s growing. Made with data scooped out of your CRM and ERP if you have one (no matter which you use).
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Versatility is mind-blowing - it's a very unique take on an otherwise old and stale category
Mark Ruch
VP of Marketing Operations

Free sales MRR waterfall recipe using a visual canvas and spreadsheets

Improve the accuracy of your sales forecast by scooping forecast data directly out of your CRM. Tell a visual forecast story using pre-made charts and graphs, embedded Sheetlets, and narrative design elements to form your narrative.

  • Instantly generate this canvas with data from any CRM
  • Break down the sources of all monthly revenue gains and losses at a glance
  • Test what-if scenarios by inputting data into Sheetlets that interact with your charts and graphs to visualize changes
  • Get to the root cause of customer churn to mitigate future revenue loss
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Here's what you'll need

All it takes to activate this recipe is a CRM report with the following fields:

  • Record ID
  • Company Name
  • Deal Name
  • Close Date
  • Contract Start Date
  • Close Quarter
  • Deal Stage
  • Deal Type
  • Closed By (AE)
  • Amount in company currency
  • Term Length
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